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Use customized searches to quickly create a targeted audienceAdvanced filtering capabilities mean your message lands where it's ready to be heard.

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Make it more personalizedAll the detailed contact info you need to reach out in the most convenient way. Email, social media and phone options make it possible to personalize your approach.

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Be sure that you’re getting throughRegular updates keep journalists' contact info current. This is key to keeping your email bounce rate low and your sender reputation high.

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Get your news noticed with visual press releases

Easily create & send eye-catching press releases and PR content. Make your story stand out from the rest and get the media’s attention.

Create stunning press releases

Use an intuitive user interface and simple drag & drop editor to enhance your press release with photos, videos, graphic elements, buttons, and more.

Work & share as a team

Set different levels of access, track progress and easily update team members on changes made and project status.

A small Video from Jo Jones.

"I used to fear writing press releases, genuine fear that kept me up at night. Why? Because I knew a well-written press release was my gateway to media coverage. It would get my brand the attention I was looking for. Whereas a duff one would end up in the bin – whether it’s a virtual bin or an actual live bin!"

Jo Jones  ·   YouTube Creator

Collections from Our Customers.

Building long-term media relationships requires proper tools. Pitching the media with PrBean ensures everything you need for PR success—reliable delivery, personalized content and visually compelling design.

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Great support, great documentation and you guys done a fantastic job in commenting everything, makes it very easy to customize, so thank you.

John Nathan NewswireJet User

Great Team Work.

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Easily organize all your conversations with journalists. Whether working alone or as part of a team, you can keep communication unified and informed with the latest updates.

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